Message from the Front Nations for Self- determination (Iran)

Message from the Front Nations for Self-
determination (Iran)
The Warsaw Summit was about the 40th anniversary of overthrowing the Pahlavi occupation regime and its positions on the Nations occupied by Iran.

To organizations and countries that maintain peace and security in the world;
For nearly a century, so-called Iran, as part of the political and geopolitical move in the region, considering the interests of its own country, Iran occupied the lands of non-Persian nations, without regard to national and human rights and the right their fate.

In order to continue the life and durability of this fake country, the idea of ​​a nationalist fascist based on Persianization and its false myths was set against all international rules and human rights treaties that were somehow guarantors of the rights of oppressed nations, including the right for self-determination was taken.

The non-Persian nations started their fight for their right to self-determination and national rights, in accordance with international law. Non-Persian nations, over the past decades, have raised various human rights and legal demands with their various uprisings, and tens of thousands of prisoners were persecuted and executed by the Iranian regime or still imprisoned in Iran.

The non-Persian nations such as and not limited to Kurds, Baloches, Turks, Ahwazi Arabs and other oppressed nations playing an active role in overthrowing the Iranian regime.

The Iranian regime has put human rights activists, political activist and even environmental activist in jail. Iranian regime has done nothing but except persecuting and executing non-Persian people.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the 1979 revolution we have gathered to stop and take down the Iranian regime.

The Warsaw Summit main topic that brought the non-Persian nations together are as the
Firstly, the FNFSD was cherished and reminded of the memory of all those who died in the path to freedom for the non-Persian nations who died in the 1979 Revolution and to send to their respectable families.
Second, the FNFSD condemns the current rulers of the terrorism regime of Iran as the continuing the path of the previous regime.
Third: FNFSD declares that the overthrowing the regime without regard for the legitimate and humanitarian demands of the occupied nations of Iran, especially the right to self-determination, the most basic principle of a civil society based on democracy and human rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, will not be possible.
Fourth: The FNFSD announces that it is ready to cooperate with all international coalitions, which are calling for the overthrow of the terrorist regime of Iran, in order to establish a peace in the region and the world and the right of self-determination for the occupied nations of Iran.
Fifth: The FNFSD announces that the overthrow of the terrorist regime of Iran, without regard for the legitimate and humanitarian demands of the occupied nations of Iran, will not help the situation but also the will open grounds for another dictatorship and massacres and terrible civil wars.
Sixth: The FNFSD declares that the Fars opposition, not only the Iranian regime isn’t the representative of the non-Persian nations in Iran.
Seventh: The FNFSD is calling on courageous non-Persian children on fighting the fight and do not fall on the fake promises by the Fars regime, do not believe in their empty promises that are similar to Khomeini’s promises.

Stand with the Front Nations for Self-determination (Iran) as the victory is near.

by: Ali Bouazar

The Front Nations for Self-determination (Iran)
Date: 10/02/2019

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