The 500 years old Ahwazi cemetery of Seyyed Mohsen Mashashashi was demolished in Hamidiyeh

The Iranian regime has carry out another crime against Ahwazi heritage places and they have demolished cemetery that was one of the remains of the Moshashaie’s reign (the second reign of Shia) in AlAhwaz. it was located in Seyed Abbas’s (Shariati) village in Hamidiyeh city but sadly, when the world was celebrating the first day of 2019, the Iranian regime was destroying the Ahwazi cultural heritage. Ahwazi activists announced that the news of the destruction was carried out by the Hamidiyeh council and its rural municipality without prior notice to cultural heritage officials.

According to activists, this is the third case of Ahwazi heritage destruction after Faylia’s and Salah’s palaces destruction.

In the meantime, Mr. Hassan Bahadur (the head of the cultural heritage department of Hamidiyeh) said:

The historical monument is located in the Maysan (Susangered) official division and attempts have been made to include it in the National Heritage List, which has been left out of focus. He added: “After my visiting this historical monument I noticed that there was nothing left of it, besides the tombstone and even The palm tree and the old cedar tree have disappeared in its area after demolition.

The features of this historical monument are the style of the native architecture derived from the culture of the region, plaster and the type of brick was used in it.

According to experts, the cultural heritage of the site dates back several centuries. Previously, it was said that one of the descendants of Moshashai at his own expense, intends to rebuild and renovate the building.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

By: Ali Bouazar


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