Al-Ahwaz is the most polluted city in the world

The member of the Parliament for the occupied Al-Ahwaz, Jawad Kadhim Nasab Al-Baji, announced that the highest rate of production of oil and its derivatives is in Al-Ahwaz according to his description, but the pollution caused by oil installations as well as other factories and dust led to Al-Ahwaz being ranked first in the list of the most polluted cities in the world.

Al-Baji pointed out that oil occupies a great position in polluting the environment in Al-Ahwaz, but the dust has a greater share. He added: “For officials of the Ministry of Oil, increasing oil production and protecting massive oil and gas resources is more important than protecting the environment, and the concrete example of this is the draining of a large part of the marshes. ”

Reported by: Aref Baghlani

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