Execution of two Ahwazi detainees and third is awaiting

Seyyed Habib Rahmani, 30, married and has three children, from Althoura (Kuyeh Alawi) neighbourhood of Ahwaz capital who disappeared in May 2017. Seyyed Habib Rahmani (Mousawi) has a history of two times imprisonment because of political activities and has been practiced by activists who have come to Sunni religion.
In June 2017 (Ramadan), Seyyed Habib Rahmani disappears after leaving his home and his family did not receive any news from the prison and security agencies and courts. A few days ago received news from his presence in the detention centre but with the arrival of his family to the security headquarters, the headquarters denies the existence of such a person until on Thursday, January 26th, during a call from the Iranian security headquarters, Rahmani’s family (Mousawi) Summons them and informs them of the execution of Seyyed Habib and threatens them not to hold mourning ceremonies.
Another young man named Mehdi Hardani of “Mendeli” neighbourhood of Ahwaz capital also reports his execution to his family, but so far human rights activists have not received information about their arrest and accusation, but both are Sunni Arab citizens.
Given the history of the disappearance of these two Arab people and the passing of the verdict of issuing and verifying the verdict in the Revolutionary Court and the Revolutionary Court and the Supreme Court, the likelihood of the killing of these two Arab citizens is very high under torture.
In a related context, the Court of the so-called of the Persian occupation revolution has issued the death sentence against another Ahwazi citizen on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 and so far the news is scarce regarding the health of the detainee.
Mr. Ali Radhi al-Haidari lives in Ahwaz capital, and his family saw him last time, was in the notorious prison of “Sepidar”, where the Ahwaz Centre for Human Rights received a copy of the unjust sentence issued against Ahwaz Ali al-Haidari. The special file number is 9409986114200041, where Mr. Al-Haidari’s family is concerned about Ali’s mental and physical health.
The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns in the strongest terms the killing of the Ahwaz martyrs under torture and also issuing unjust sentence against the detainee Ahwazi, and calls upon the international community organizations defending human rights and on their heads the United Nations Human Rights Council to put pressure on the mullahs’ regime’s bloody and criminal regime to stop the execution against Ahwazi innocent citizens who are demanding their legitimate rights.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights
Written by Ali Bouazar

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