High wave of arrest against Ahwazi people after Iranian protest

After Iranian security, police and Basij militia forces cracked down the recent Iranian protest and the Iranian supreme leader has lately described the protestors as “Enemy agents”, the arrests raids against Ahwazi young has been intensified and large number of Ahwazis arrested by Iranian security forces recently.
The Iranian security forces has arrested four Ahwazi young from Khalafiyeh city on Friday the 9th of February 2018.

The four detainees were named as follows:
Adel Solymanian with age of 19,
Reza Hatawi with age of 19,
Yousef Khaledi with age of 18,
Reza Khaledi with age of 18.

According to local sources, Adel Suleimanian and Reza Hatawii both are currently being serving their compulsory two years’ military service at the Hamidiyeh Garrison, who were arrested while on vacation in their father’s homes. The source said that other two young men who are under the age, Mr. Reza Khaledi and Yousef Khaledi were arrested on the same day by the Iranian intelligence agency.
The detainees’ families by referring to the court and the intelligence office asking about the reasons that led to detain of their children.
Although the detainees were brought to the Revolutionary Court of Kalafiyah (Rammisshir) on Tuesday, February 27 2018, but their families failed to meet with their children in the courthouse and the reasons that led to their detention.
According to an eyewitness said, when they brought the four Arab young to court, they were severely tortured and we did not allow to come close to them.
At the beginning of the arrest of the four Ahwazi detainees, two of them that are Mr. Adel Suleimanian and Reza Hatawi were transferred to the Ramez (Ramhormoz) intelligence detention centre and then were transferred to the Ramez city prison after a while. Meanwhile Reza Khaledi and Yousef Khaledi were transferred to the Ahwaz intelligence detention centre and after two weeks of severe physical torture, were transferred to the Ahwazi central prison that is “Sheyban”. The families of these four young detainees have not met their children until the writing of this news.
According to informed sources within Al-Ahwaz informed the ACHR that the elements of the Iranian intelligence agency raided the village of “Shabaysha” in the city of “Mullah Thani”, on Friday, the 23rd of February 2018, and kidnapped an Ahwazi activist named as Mr. Ali Mayahi son of Karim, and took him to an unknown location.
The sources said that the Iranian intelligence agents kidnapped the activist Ali Mayahi with age of 19 years old, and put him into one of their cars by force.
In a related context, the elements of the Iranian intelligence service in Ahwaz arrested an Ahwazi activist named as Ali Moussawi son of Hashem, in the neighbourhood of Zowiya, one of the Ahwaz capital’s neighbourhood on Saturday morning the 24th of February 2018, and took him to an unknown location, after they beat him severely in a move contrary to all international norms and laws.
For years the Iranian regime has been using security services and militias with the goal of suppressing every dissident voice and intimidating the general public. The most pertinent example of this is a law that is being used as an instrument against the regime’s opponents and dissenters, as well as cover for its allies’ flaws.
The situation of human rights throughout the Iranian country remains very fragile – many ordinary people, including women, children and members of ethnic and religious groups, continue to face varying degrees of discrimination in terms of their basic rights. The dream of reaching these basic rights has now completely fizzled out under the current regime, which combines vicious sectarianism with Persian ethnic supremacy.
The Iranian security forces has arrested large number (estimated between 15 to 20 person) of Ahwazi young from Khafajiya (Susangerd) city on Sunday the 25th of February 2018 and took them to unknown location.
The arbitrary raids and arrests taken place in same night (Sunday the 25th of February 2018) between 3:00 to 6:00 AM in Al-Ahwaz local time.
The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has received a few names of the Ahwazi detainees and most of other detainees’ names remains unknown as ACHR through its sources tries to find out more about the arrestees.
Detainee Abdullah Maramazi son of Jawad with age of 25, single and mechanic diploma graduated and while he was at his home, was arrested on Sunday 25th of February at 5 AM and transferred to mysterious location.
One of the Mr. Maramazi’s family member stated to ACHR that about 25 to 30 element of Iranian intelligence service were surrounding the home and five of the elements while they were carrying pistols and electronic chockers has entered the home and arrested Mr. Maramazi.
One of the ACHR source quoting from detainee’s mother that on the next day that is Monday 26th of February 2018, Mr. Maramazi’s mother saw the intelligence service agents brought him to the court and the detainee could not walk properly as well as he was lifting one of his hand up that increases the concerns that been tortured severely and barbarically by the elements of Iranian intelligence service.
The family of Mr. Maramazi has not seen or received any call that ensured them about his health since Monday the 26th of February 2018. The family do not know up to written of this news about the reasons that led to arrest of their son.
Another Ahwazi young been arrested on the same night and named as Ali Moramazi son of Mousa with age of 24 and resident of “Jahad” district of Khafajiya city. The ACHR did not know the reasons led to arrest of large number of Ahwazi young as fears about their physically tortured is highly increases.
Despite Al-Ahwaz’s natural resource wealth, the region is plagued with severe socioeconomic deprivation and high levels of air and water pollution.
Concentrated in poor urban outskirts lacking in basic facilities, many Ahwazi Arabs have alleged that the government systematically discriminates against them, particularly in employment, housing, access to political office, and the exercise of cultural, civil and political rights.
A group of Ahwazi workers who were not paid salary by their employer for long time such as sugar cane company and Ahwaz Steel Industrial Group, have gathered in front of the company’s offices to protest against their non-paid salaries as well as decision to replace them with non-locals.
During the protest that were held for several days, the arrest of more than 10 workers from the Ahwaz Steel Industrial Group in Ahwaz was reported by security officials on Friday the 2nd of March 2018.

The names of arrested workers are as follows:
Mehdi Adelzadeh,
Hadi Afrawi,
Taghi Hassanzadeh
Bagher Delfi,
Hossein Neisi,
Amin Moemenpour,
Meysam Ghanawati,
Morteza Akbarian,
Farhad Akbarian.

The reason for arrest of Ahwazi workers were demonstrating without permission, stated by Iranian officials.
The overnight arrest of more than 10 Ahwazi workers from large industrial complex in Ahwaz, despite of non-payment of workers’ wages for many months and endearing themselves and their families in a tragically disastrous situation for living, shows that the government is struggling to bring workers horror and threats as well as empty stomach.
ACHR has received video from Ahwaz Steel Industrial workers’ demonstration that took place on Saturday the 3rd of February 2018 where protestors are calling for the friends’ release immediately.

Report written by
Mr. Ali Bouazar
Mr. Hadi Seifsadat
Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

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