The Centre Against Racism in Iran’s statement concerning recent revolutionary court’s unfair sentences issued against three Ahwazi civil rights activists

According to the credible source, three Ahwazi civil rights activists have been discriminately sentenced by Branch 4 of Ahwaz Revolutionary Court to one-year imprisonment after they spent one and half month in solitary confinement inside intelligence security headquarter in Ahwaz city.

None of these three Ahwazi activists were involved or planned to run activity against the regime and their participations were aimed solely to promote peace, reformation of old tribal rituals understanding and teaching their children in their native Arabic language. Their activities even are not confined to Arabs as it inclusively benefits other cultures. The Security of Intelligent of Khuzestan(AL Ahwaz) has arrested and later   released the three Ahwazis, Issa Domni,43, a journalist and teacher; Mojahed Zergani,36, a poet; and Hossein Haidari,38, a teacher and Arabic translator.
Regrettably, hard-liners in alliance with few anti-Arab influential groups, who actually took control of the Head of Ahwaz Intelligence Office, allegedly seeking to predominate security condition in the region in an aid to fight and eventually eradicate all Ahwazis civil and human right activists who strive to establish teaching institutions aimed at teaching young Ahwazi in their mother tongue. These obstructions which seem to be deliberately imposed by the local intelligence office, suggest that local security authorities want the Ahwazi people to stay in backward, impoverished, uncivilised, and ultimately encourage those Ahwazi activists to take arms against the regime so it will justify their execution by the security authorities. Unlike other countries that give support to nonprofit activities that further human rights and developments, nevertheless, this does not apply when it comes to Ahwazi Arabs region which considerably demonstrates the rampant racism and Anti-Arab sentiments towards the Ahwazi Arabs.
Also as part of launching arbitrary arrest campaign, the ministry of intelligence has arrested Naser Ashjari, a pre-eminent civil right activist, in capital Tehran in January 2017 who later was released in February. Ashjari has voted to Rouhani in the recent presidential election. Other breaches of people’s legitimate rights inflicted by the local security authorities were during recent Ahwaz Local Election in which Head of Iran Intelligence Office in line with vali-e-Asr Corps commander have supported and stood by those who surreptitiously orchestrated fraud election results and behind closed doors have cowed the reformist governor of Khuzestan (AL-Ahwaz) to accept the results.  Amad News website has reported the news.These human right violations are the integral characteristics of many regimes with brutal and abhorrent nature that launch suppression against civil rights activists by collaboration with Ministry of intelligence apparatuses. Here, this question comes to mind that who controls and directs this ministry and is it operating under the so-called moderate Rouhani’s supervision.

The Centre Against Racism in Iran condemns such discriminatory and unjust sentences issued against the forenamed Ahwazi civil activists and at the same time demands for unconditional repealing of their sentences.


C: Rahim Hamid

S: aLiBz

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