Raise of arrest against Ahwazi women at the hand Iranian intelligence service

According to reliable sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that Iranian intelligence service has arrested Mrs Fatima Ghorabi (wife of Mr. Khalid Alboshokeh) and escorted her to an unknown place of detention today’s morning the 2nd of august 2016.
The sources confirmed that Iranian intelligence service has summoned Mrs. Fatima and then arrested her immediately, where Iranian intelligence refusing to give any information about her place of detention and reason of the arrest to her relatives.
Ahwazi women suffer multiple discrimination in terms of cultural, political and educational position while Ahwazi Arab men are considered as second-class citizens, Ahwazi women are regarded as third class.
the Iranian intelligence services has arrested Ms. Zakiya Neysi, 26, an Ahwazi Arab agricultural engineer and environmental activist on Tuesday the 17th of May 2016. Ms. Neysi, was campaigning against Iran’s disastrous and wide-spread environmental destruction such as excessive damming to reduce water flow, diverting rivers to central Iran, destroying ecosystems, drying out of rivers and wetlands.
the Iranian intelligence services has arrested an Ahwazi Arab cultural activist named as Ms. Kolsoom Dabat from Susa (Shush) city on Monday the 25th of May 2015. Ms. Kolsoom has graduate master degree in Law from Tehran university.
Ms. Dabat after spending for more than a month in intelligence solitary cells and been subjected to physiological torture, been release with expensive financial bail.
On Thursday June 2, an Ahwazi Arab woman political prisoner was beaten unconscious in Yasouj Prison (Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, central Iran), according to close sources. 33-year-old Fahimeh Esmaeili Badawi, an elementary school teacher, was reportedly beaten unconscious by prison guards following a verbal argument with one of the prison guards, Ameneh “Foloudi”. Fahimeh was taken to the prison clinic, however, due to the deterioration of her health, she was transferred to a hospital outside the prison. Despite her unstable condition, Fahimeh was returned to her prison cell on Friday, where she is reportedly banned from outside contact, including phone calls with her family. According to reports, she is currently experiencing dizziness and suffering from severe pain as a result of swellings and bruises on her face and body.
Fahimeh, now 33 years old, was arrested by Iranian authorities in November 2005 along with her husband, Ali Matourzadeh. According to confirmed reports, Fahimeh was eight months pregnant at the time of her arrest and gave birth in solitary confinement without any medical assistance and while in the presence of her interrogators.
Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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