Iranian Revolutionary Court issued a 11-year prison term for an Ahwazi civil activist

Reza Echresh, 33 years old, a resident of Susangerdah, (Khufajieh), who was arrested by Ahwaz’s Abolfazl Al-Abbas Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in August 2016, was detained in Branch 2 of Ahwaz Revolutionary Court under the chairmanship of judge “Zare” was sentenced to 11 years in prison recently on charges of exploration and communication with foreigners (the “Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of the Al-Ahwaz” (ASMLA)) and propaganda against the regime.
Human rights sources in Al-Ahwaz said the sentence was communicated to him a few days ago.
Eleven years’ imprisonment was pronounced as the initial ruling of Ahwazi civilian activist, but he has the right to object to this ruling.
Reza Echresh is a civil activist whose activities are in opposition to the transfer of water from the Karun River and the disastrous ecological situation of Al-Ahwaz. He has been active in the organizing of human chains and protest campaigns to transfer Karun water.
Karim Dahimi, a human rights activist in London, quoted from one of the detainee’s friend as saying: “This civil activist was subjected to the most severe torture during the three months in the IRGC detention center and was transferred to the hospital due to severe torture. After that, he was transferred to the Sheyban prison (Ahwaz vocational training complex), and he was denied from any leave for more than a year or several months. Reza Echresh suffered from lumbar disc disease and muscular ailment and repeatedly requested to be transferred to the hospital for treatment, but the prison authorities did not agree with his request.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights
Written by Ali Bouazar
Date: 12/03/2018

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