Ahwazi teacher’s arrest and transferring detainee to hospital

Mr. Adel Asakereh, a cultural and social media activist and a school teacher of the  Darkhuin city, was arrested by the Iranian security forces on Sunday the 5thof May 2019.

Mr. Adel Askakara, accused of criticizing the Iranian officials in social media network as well as the Iranian new budget distribution and the large funds assigned to the religious school (Hozeh) and its affiliated centres and the lack of governmental consideration and addressing services issues to Ahwazi deprived areas.

He also been accused for the use of the Iranian authorities’ names without adverbial “respect” prefixes, as well as the accusation of insultingthe regime sanctities and disturbing public opinion.

Mr. Asakereh’s family does not know about the place that their son been kept and what are his circumstances as he suffers from illness and need medication.

The family were unable to meet their son since his arrest and despite wide follow up to almost all Iranian official department, the reply was no to them from authorities.

The Iranian intelligence forces has arrested three Ahwazi teachers from the popular committees while they were in classroom teaching the students on Monday the 29thof April 2019.

The names of teachers are as follows:

 Maher Dassumi, a teacher and researcher, 

Naji, a teacher and writer, and 

Ali Obeidawi teacher and cultural activist , all three teachers arrested by the Iranian intelligence service and still remaining in the detention cell.

An Ahwazi detainee named as Mr. Karim Sa’edi, son of Abdulreza, one of the Hamidiyeh city’s activist who was arrested by the Iranian intelligence service on Saturday Nov. 03, 2018, was transferred to the hospital due to kidney disease on Thursday 9thof May 2019.

Due to Mr. Sa’edi’s family frequent follow up to the Iranian Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz capital and local media coverage about Mr. Sa’edi’s critical health situation in Sheyban prison, prison officer was agreed with his transfer to Khomeini’s hospital in Ahwaz capital.

However, due to the lack of medical facilities at the Khomeini Hospital, and with the insistence of the detainee’s family and at their own expense, Karim Sa’edi was transferred to Karami Hospital and is currently meditated at Karami Hospital.

Due to Mr. Sa’edi kidney failure caused by Iranian intelligence service and Sheyban prison officers and after his transfer to Karami Hospital, he has been dialysed, and since then , he regularly needs dialysis.

The Iranian intelligence service has continuing intensifying their raid and arrest against Ahwazi workers and cultural activist in recent days without prior notice or warning.

Six Ahwazi workers from the “Haft Tapeh” sugar cane factory were arrested by the Iranian security forces and transferred to “Qonitareh” (Dezful) prison on Wednesday the 15thof May 2019.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has identified the arrested workers name:

  1. Rostam Alkathir
  2. Faisal Thaalebi
  3. Sayed Email Jaaweleh
  4. Adel Samaei

The Iranian intelligence department did not provide any information about the workers arrest or their whereabout to the workers’ family.

In similar context the Iranian intelligence service has arrested Mr. Milad Bahri, 29, a cultural activist, journalist and photographer from the city of Falahieyh (Shadegan) and took him to an unknown location on early hours of Wednesday 0f 15thof May 2019.

In addition to the cultural activities, Mr. Milad Bahri has done a lot of activities through his photography profession in covering the news in the recent flood as well as disaster situation of the Ahwazi areas affected by recent flood and the Iranian officials did not provide any support to affected Ahwazi people.

So far, the reason for the Ahwazi journalist’s detention is unknown as dozens of Ahwazi volunteer relief workers been arrested just for their help to flood affected people and still remaining in the intelligence detention exercising barbaric torture against them by Iranian intelligence service.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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