Video… Abadan’s ongoing water crisis and protests

The Ahwazi Arab people nowadays are continuing their protests against disastrous drinking water salinity and outage as well as transferring Ahwazi water to the neighbouring Arab countries such as Kuwait and Qatar.

Hundreds of Ahwazi people in Abadan city, with collective and peaceful protests, has cry out their demands against the government’s water and sewage department in Abadan in order for one officials can answer their demands for drinkable water.

The Ahwazi people after calling the officials as “traitor”, calling for their unconditional resignation, and chanted: “We want water, not Gaza, twenty years old when this situation” they chanted against the water administration: “Our enemy is here. not America. ”

It’s worth mentioning that mineral water price has been up to 2, 3, and even up to 5 times higher than its standard price in recent days.

Fear of diseases caused by water pollution causes people to worry about their daily lives. Dr. Hamid Reza Mahouzi, a cardiologist in Germany, added that saltwater threatens the safety of heart and kidney immunity.

The Ahwazi people in Abadan and Mohammareh cities has called for mass protests and demonstration on Monday the 25thof June 2018 as some protesters were forced to close the main streets and crossroads during the recent days’ demonstrations.

The protestors demanding through their demonstrations, presence of the Iranian officials in mentioned cities but the despite of the absence of the officials, the Iranian police has entered the row in try to calm down the protestors.

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Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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