UN Envoy Slams Iranian Regime’s Domestic Oppression, Persecution, Regional Crimes

The Saudi envoy to the United Nations has condemned the Iranian regime’s longstanding persecution of the Arab Ahwazi people in Iran,  saying that the regime in Tehran has shown no indication that it “intends to address the oppression and persecution suffered by the Arab people of Ahwaz, such as the outlawing of their Arab identity and their civil rights”. 

In a blistering statement issued on Wednesday (October 25),  Khalid Manzlawi,  Saudi Arabia’s Acting Permanent Representative to the UN,  said that Iran’s regime “seeks to divert the world’s attention from the abhorrent human rights situation [in Iran] by creating chaos and destabilizing security and stability in the region through spreading a discourse of hatred and sectarianism.”

Manzlawi strongly condemned the Iranian regime’s human rights abuses of its own population, saying that the Iranian people “have reaped the fruits of their government’s hostile policy towards the world.”    He added that rather than choosing to use its financial resources for domestic development,  Iran’s regime chose instead “to ignite strife outside its geographical borders, supporting terrorist operations around the world and destabilizing the security and stability of neighbouring countries.”

In the statement cited by the official Saudi Press Agency, the envoy further asserted, “It is clear to all that Iran has a black record in the field of human rights and disrespect for international conventions and treaties and its international obligations,”  and accused the Iranian regime of  domestically practicing “racial and religious discrimination against non-Persian people, such as Ahwazis, Kurds, Turks and Balochis”.

Manzlawi also demanded an investigation into “the massacres committed by the Iranian regime in 1988, which claimed the lives of thousands of political prisoners who opposed Khomeini for his extremist and sectarian ideas.”

The UN envoy also condemned the devastation inflicted by the Iranian regime regionally,  pointing out that its Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), along with Iranian-backed terror groups such as Hezbollah and the Hashd al Shaabi militias, “are actively involved in various military operations in neighbouring countries, leaving hundreds of thousands dead and millions wounded, displaced and made refugees by human rights violations.”

On Yemen,  Manzlawi stated, “Iran is the material and logistical backer of all the terrorist operations carried out by the Houthi militias in Yemen.  Yemen’s ports have been used to smuggle ballistic missiles, weapons, ammunition and explosives to the terrorist militias there and have exacerbated the suffering of the Yemeni people because of the blockade as a result of the siege imposed by the Houthi militias on some of its ports.”

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