Truck Drivers and Heavy-Duty Vehicles Protest

Truck Drivers and Heavy-Duty Vehicles Protest

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

Truck drivers and heavy-duty vehicles protest against the Current Situation in Iran. Drivers of those type of vehicles are very unhappy due to;

  1. Low shipping price
  2. High prices of insurance (health, retirement, personal and car insurance)
  3. Reduction of fuel quotas from 500 liters per day to a new program, 150 liters per day and will increase the quota if the road exceeds 200 km or depending on the capacity of the engine
  4. High commission rate of shipping companies to 14%
  5. High price of fuel from 1500 riyals to two different rates 4000 riyals with a smart fuel card and 6000 riyals, since there was no remaining share in so called “smart card”
  6. High price use of highways
  7. Non-standard and unsafe methods
  8. The price of repairs and original spare parts (engine repair, gearbox, tires, oil, grease and …)
  9. Freight load was not critical, and some shipping companies declared bankruptcy and the driver has not yet received his right
  10. Import of non-standard heavyweight trucks and equipment (China and Russia) and not suitable for Iran’s dangerous roads
  11. National rivalry between the drivers about the preference of the load
  12. Lack of resorts and health services for the drivers at the border points

One of the claims was implemented and the increase in the price of shipping to 20%, but only for trucks working for the oil company in Ahwaz? Why the oil companies stopped working? For the rest of the truckers have not yet received their requests


Reported by Hossein Abed-Alkhani

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