Poverty, unemployment triggers the rise of suicide in Al-Ahwaz

Although the Al-Ahwaz region remains as Iran’s economic heartbeat that has got huge wealth, such as gas, which constitutes 100% of the wealth of all Iranian gas, and oil constitutes 87%, as well as the presence of 8 rivers in the Al-Ahwaz region, and therefore 65% of the land suitable for agriculture available in the region, but the majority of Ahwazi Arab people live below the poverty line.

Poverty due to unemployment resulting from racial discrimination in employment in oil, gas, petrochemicals companies. The second evidence of unemployment is drought due to the construction of dams and the transfer of water to the Persian depth such as Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman and Qom provinces, led to the destruction of agriculture, fishing and palm.

From the unemployment aspect, an Iranian official stated that the unemployment rate among the Ahwazi youth has reached up to 81%.

Mr. Nour Mohammed por, Director General of cooperatives, work and social welfare stated that “The proportion of Ahwazi young jobseekers with pre-high school has reached 5 percent. “The proportion of young people who apply for employment and have secondary diplomas is 55 percent.” The percentage of young people with higher degrees has reached 45 percent.”

Due to severe poverty that Ahwazi youth are encountering, the centre has witness that there are daily occurrence of suicide and setting fire to themselves in different part of AL-Ahwaz.

An Ahwazi youth named as Mr. Hamid Maniat with of 16 and Mr. Ali Hazbawi from Falahieyh city and Mr. Sayed Falah Mousawi and Mr. Shahab Bani Tamim from Ahwaz capital hanged themselves in recent days.

Mr. Sayed Falah Mousawi with age of 23, married and has boy, living Mandly district of Ahwaz capital, hanged himself due to severe poverty that was unable to provide the life basic necessities for his wife and his child. Mr. Mousawi used to play football for one of the Ahwazi local team and by getting married, the living condition got worst and he was incapable of delivering life requirements and led to his death.

Mr. Shahab Bani Tamim with age of 35, married and has daughter was a resident of “Alkhalafiyeh” (“Khalaf Abad” Persian name) city and in recent years moved his home to Ahwaz capital’s Pardis ditrict.

Mr. Shahab was working in the company and was spending life with his family and recently the company in-charge has sacked him without any reason and Shahab is living with his family in a rented flat that led to deteriorate life circumstance to Shahab.

Shahab after been jobless, been arrested by the Iranian police station in the first week of August 2017, and then transferred to the intelligence service in “Amaniyeh” area of Ahwaz capital. Shahab was subjected to severe physical and mental torture while he was in the intelligence detention and after 2 to 3 weeks he was released without any accusation. Shahab mentality was destroyed due to losing the job and been detained for not doing anything wrong led to hanged himself and finally his death.

At the same time another Ahwazi young named as Mr. Jassim Moramazy residents of Al-Thawra neighbourhood of Ahwaz capital has burned himself in Friday the 18th of August 2017 due to poverty and unemployment. Mr. Jassim with age of 28, married and has child, has sets fire to himself due to anxiety and depression caused him due to extreme poverty and been shameful for not providing essential life needs.

Local sources have quoted to the centre that Mr. Jassim has died on Wednesday the 23rd of August 2017 in Ahwaz capital hospital of “Taleghani” as result of severe burn that doctors were unable to treat him.

The Ahwazi centre has received video of Mr. Jassim when he sets fire to himself and the neighbours tried to save his life by firefighting.

To watch the video please click HERE

written by:

Hossein Bouazar and Ali Ahmad

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

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