One dead, dozens arrested in IRGC raid on Ahwazi Arab homes

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) forces shot dead one Ahwazi Arab, Adnan Hardani, 29, and wounded another when they raided houses in the Malashiya district of Ahwaz on Wednesday evening.  Dozens more of the Ahwazi citizens protesting the violent behaviour of the IRGC forces were arrested.

An Ahwazi Arab political activist Karim Dahimi, based in London, told the Ahwaz Monitor that the attack came after the killing of two Iranian officers in Ahwaz in the early hours of Monday, reportedly carried out by The Ahwazi National Resistance.

A local official of the Islamic Republic News Agency reported that the Iranian officers were shot and killed in the southern provincial capital city of Ahwaz and the IRGC provincial commander, General Hossein Shahvarpour, said on Tuesday that his forces had detained their killers.Karim Dahimi, however, believed the Iranian commander’s claim had been false and that  Wednesday’s raid  by the IRGC on the Malashiya  district  was carried out with the intention of arresting dozens of  citizens, to terrorize the people and cover up his failure to find any of the Ahwazi Arab resistance  fighters.

The attack on Malashiya on Wednesday was, Dahimi said, very reminiscent of events in 2005 when Iranian security forces and police attacked several areas of Ahwaz and arrested tens of Arab citizens after the bombing of  the Local Government Building and the Budget Organization Building.. Those detained in 2005 had been tortured severely until the regime found that they were innocent. Thousands of Ahwazi Arabs have been arrested and tortured in this way for no reason while the Mullahs have been in power.The notorious characteristics of the Iranian regime are human rights violations, oppression, persecution, discrimination, torture, and displacement of minority ethnic groups. One of the ethnic groups that have suffered an atrocious amount under the Iranian regime is the Ahwazi Arabs, whose homeland is located in the south and southwest of the country.

Iran has been waging a ruthless campaign to arrest Ahwazi Arab activists since the emergence of the Islamic republic revolution in 1979. However, the peak of such clampdown occurred later in 2005 due to the Ahwazis uprising against the Iranian central government’s systematic persecution of Arabs.  During these last 12 years, the Iranian regime has arrested tens of thousands of Ahwazis involved in civil, cultural, and political activism – sentencing hundreds to prison terms ranging from 2 years to life behind bars. The Iranian regime has also executed 33 Ahwazi activists based on nothing more than vaguely worded charges.


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