Number of Ahwazi Arab citizens in South West of Iran in danger of executions

The “Ahwazi Center For Human Rights” received News from sources of the “Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front” talking about the Iranian authorities transferred a number of Ahwazi Arab prisoners sentenced to ten years prison for each individual, and then a death sentence on charges of killing one of the Iranian security soldiers in the region of Almlashih located in the south-west of Ahwaz City, this sudden transition of prisoners raised a serious concern for the rest of the prisoners on the possibility that the Iranian authorities in the implementation of the death sentence against those prisoners who were transferred from the general prison at the date of 26/04/2012 at the night time.e
Prisoners who were transferred:e
e1 – Abdul Rahman Haidarian
e2 – Taha Haidarian
e3 – Jamshid Haidarian
e4 – Ali Sharifi


Ahwazi Center For Human Rights

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