Mass arbitrary arrests and crackdown against Ahwazi young coincide with the return of torture’s gang to Sheyban prison

Large-scale campaign of arbitrary arrests against Ahwazi young has been implemented by the Iranian intelligence agency led to forcibly arrested dozens of Ahwazi citizens and took them to unknown places on Saturday and Sunday the 2ndand 3rdof February 2019.

According to reliable sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACFH.INFO) that the Iranian intelligence service has surrounded the Ahwazi cities of “Falahieyh (Shadegan), Kut Sayed Saleh and Ghalat Kanaan”, without prior notice or showing any legal court paper to enter the arrestee’s home.

The vast arrest campaign coincide with the visit of Iranian intelligence minister Mr. Alavi to the Ahwaz region (Susa city) that comes in sensitive time during the 40thanniversary of Iranian revolution and that arrest campaign against Ahwazi young continued till 12thof February 2019.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has documented the following named:

  1. Jasem Moghadam with age of 30,  from Falahieyh city,
  2. Ghasem Moghadam with age of 28, from Falahieyh city,
  3. Mohammad Reza Moghadam with age of 26, from Falahieyh city,
  4. Adnan Ghobeishawi with age of 22, from Falahieyh city,
  5. Fares Moghadam with age of 28, from Falahieyh city,
  6. Sayed Salem Alboshokeh with age of 27, from Falahieyh city,
  7. Habib Deris from Ghalat Kanaan,
  8. Ali Mojadam with age of 38, from Kut Sayed Saleh,
  9. Salim Dariaawi with age of 32, Kut Sayed Saleh,
  10. Ali Jawadi with age of 30, from Kut Sayed Saleh,
  11. Ghasem Kenany from Sheyban city,
  12. Rasool Kenany (Son of Ghasem number 11)from Sheyban city.

One of the sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre that the mother of three of the detainees, Jasem, Ghasem and Mohammad Reza Moghaddam (number 1,2,3 from top), after seeing the arrest of her sons and inhumane behaviour of the Iranian security forces during the arrest, took a brain stroke and died after being transferred to the nearby hospital.

While the Ahwazi prisons are fully occupied and they are filled with over limit by the detainees, the Iranian criminal authorities has returned to Sheyban prison the tortures gangs that were in Karoon prison. 

A torturers’ gangs from the Karoon Prison, for their good working in torturing the political prisoners, they were promoted to higher positions and they were returned to work in the prisons of Bab Hani (Behbahan), Masjed Suleiman and Ghoneitarah (Dezful).

Criminals like Afshin Azadeh, Zare, Zolfaghari, Khalili and Nader Sakravi are tortureists who had previously been in Karoon prison and promoted due to their torture and the persistent pressure and deprivation of political prisoners from all rights and facilities.

The mentioned tortureists headed by Afshin Azadeh been transferred to the Sheyban prison in Ahwaz capital, and they are torturing and intensifying the political and public prisoners’ repression. It is said that Afshin Azadeh, one of the main elements of the torture gangs in the Karoon prison, has been introduced as the next presidency option for Sheyban Prison.

In addition, it has been forcibly introduced by the authorities and agents of the drug prison to the political prisoners’ section. Attacking the prisoners and collecting political prisoners’ books, beat them from other pressures on political prisoners.

In addition, the authorities and agents of the Sheyban prison are entering drug to the political prisoners’ section for further making profit. Attacking the prisoners and collecting political prisoners’ books, beat them are the other pressures on Ahwazi political prisoners.

Among the Ahwazi political prisoners who were previously severly tortured by the torturers in the Karoon prison, are Ghazi Heydari, Naser Hazabi, Isa Karamullah Ka’ab, Abdullah Cha’ab, Ali Sa’edi, and some other political prisoners.

As the situation getting worst for Ahwazi prisoners due to intensified tortures exercised by the torture’s gang, the Ahwazi political prisoners have started a food strike since Wednesday, 06 February 2019, after prison officials transferred criminals and drug traffickers to the political prisoners section.

The Sheyban prison’s officials told the criminals and drug traffickers that they would receive benefits if they were beaten or harassed the Ahwazi political prisoners. In view of this arbitrary policy, Ahwazi prisoners declared a hunger strike until the criminals were transferred to their cells.

The fatal consequences of bringing torture’s gang to Sheyban prison has ended life of an Ahwazi prisoner on Sunday the 17thof February 2019.

Mr. Jalil Na’ami resident of Hamidiyeh city, has been died in mystery way and his family been inform by the prison administration that their son committed suicide after a fight with a security man in prison.

Mr. Jalil Na’ami along with Hassan Abyat, son of Jalaw, Khalid Obeidawi, son of Jomea, Eidan Beit Sayyah (Shakhi), son of Kazem, Jassam Saedi, Reza Obeidawi (Anid Zadeh), son of Nizal, all from Hamidieh, 25 km from Ahwaz city. They all were arrested by the Ahwaz Intelligence Agency in late 2011 and judged in the first branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal, chaired by Farhadvand, charged with “moharebeh with God” and “ıfsad fi la’arz”, establishing an opposition organization with the Islamic Republic, and relations with the outside groups and acting against the security of the country. And despite their sentence was passed, some of them were not released until now.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

By: Ali Bouazar


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