Iran’s brutal attack and arrest of many people from district of the Malashieh in their protest against execution of three Arabs in Ahwaz

Iranian Security forces, in Ahwaz southwest of Iran attacked the unarmed citizens of the Ahwazi Arabs in the district of the Malashieh and arrested 30
young men and took them to unknown places, after they staged a loud protest on 16th of Jun 2012 in condemnation of the execution against a group of youths from Malashieh Three of them wrer brothers,namely Abbas Haidarian, Taha Haidarian and Abdarahman Haidarian who had been arrested in April 2011 after a massive demonstration called the Ahwazi Day of Anger. The “Ahwazi Centre For Human Rights” received the names of a number of detainees and they are,

Nasser Bawie 27 years old son of Habib, married and has two children, Mansour Bawi 22 years old, son of Habib, Ismail Dahimi 23 years old, Rahim ben Haji Chanbar 38 years old, married and has 6 children, and we will continue investigating the rest of the names.e
On the other hand, the Iranian regime in the past few days, repeated commission of various forms of murder against the Arab people of Ahwaz, security elements killing in Sapidar prison prisoner Salem Sawri 28 years old son of Haidar on the last Thursday, 14/06/2012 during a protest of prisoners on the inhuman methods which taken by the security authorities of the prison for the ill-treatment of prisoners and spread news of the intention of the prison administration in the implementation of the death sentence against 5 of Ahwazi political prisoners.
Later on Monday morning June 18, 2012 security forces carried implemented the execution against four of the political prisoners of Ahwazi Arabs, three of them wrer the brothers namely Abbas, Taha, Abdarahman and the fourth was their friend Ali Naimi (Sharifi).
The Iranian authorities in this criminal act, despite the appeals launched by the European Union and the British Parliament and Amnesty International to abolish the death penalty, issued against those Ahwazi Arabs, but the Iranian authorities secretly executed four or five of them, and there is possibility that executes the another group any later.e
The European Parliament has condemned last week the ill-treatment of the Iranian regime against non-Persian peoples in Iran, led by the Arabs of Ahwaz and called the Iranian authorities to abolish the death penalty against Ahwazis.
As a result the number of people killed by the security authorities in Iran reached six people and some others are awaiting execution and unfair sentences according to “Press TV” broadcast a few weeks ago which interviewed 18 Ahwazi attributed to them different charges the least lead to execution by the Iranian Constitution.
The “Ahwazi Center For Human Rights” condemns these inhuman acts severely and claims all the international organizations and centers of human rights to continue their campaign to push Iran to stop the implementation of the unfair trials against the people of Ahwaz and warns that absent-mindedness about what is going on prisoners in Iran will lead to a humanitarian disaster, the Iranian regime habituated to commit in cold blood, and gradually in light of the world’s busyness on other subjects such as the Iranian nuclear file.
Ahwazi names who are likely to issue a death sentence against them and are now languishing in prison awaiting death
e1 – Hadi Rashedi 38-year old
e2 – Hashim Shabani Amuri 31-year old
e3 – Rahman Asakereh 33-year old
e4 – Mohamed Ali Amuri 33-year old
e5 – Jabbar Albushoka 27-year old
e6 – Mukhtar Albushoka 25 years old
e7 – Khaled Abideaua 26-year old
e8 – Hassan Abayat
e9 – Idan Beit Sayah 37-year old
e10 Jassim Sawaedi
e11 – Ahmed Dabbat 21 years old
e12 – Maher Chabi (Ka’abi)
e13 – Sajjad Beit Abdullah


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