Iranian Regime Must Release Ahwazi Prisoners

Iranian Regime Must Release Ahwazi Prisoners

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


According to our sources in Al-Ahwaz, the families of Ahwazi prisoners Qasem Mohammad-Poor (Sawari) are demanding the Iranian regime to reveal the fate of their son and release him. The Iranian intelligence refuses to reveal the detainees, most of whom were kidnapped during the recent protests in Al-Ahwaz.


Qasem Sawari was arrested by the Iranian intelligence for his participation in the recent uprising after Ahwazis Protests Against Iranian State TV Over Discriminatory Show.


They call on the human rights organizations and human rights institutions everywhere to pressure the occupation government and to disclose the fate of their detained children and release them. They also hold the international community and the Iranian government fully responsible for what these heroes like Qasem are subjected to in the cells of the Iranian occupation.


ACHR urges all humanitarian organizations to act now on crimes against Ahwazi Arabs.


Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

Written by Ali Bouazar

Date: 17/05/2018

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