Iranian prison authorities deliberately neglect the critical physical condition of an Ahwaz Arab prisoner

According to reliable resources from Karoon prison quoted to “JADSH” that prisoner Kazem Khoshnamak suffers from severe pain in his right leg and
weakness in his eyes due to the brutal tortures, which were committed by Iranian intelligence service while he was in prison.
Sources added “ Mr. Kazem Khoshnamk has been arrested for several times and last time was on 2007 where he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with false charges such as “Enemy with God “ and “Corruption on Earth” which usually directed to Ahwazi prisoners.
Mr. Kazem was sentenced to two years imprisonment that spent them in Evin prison, located in the Iranian capital Tehran and then he was arrested in 2007 where after the brutal torture was practiced against him by intelligence services, he was sentenced to ten years imprisonment with exile to Arak city prison and sent back to Karoon prison recently.
Mr. Kazem Khoshnamak, son of Ali, was born on 1979 in Aabadan Breim area, single and holds a diploma in social sciences and works in free trade.
In this case, Faisal Maramazi, Executive Director of Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights said that “The Iranian authorities are brutally dealing with Ahwazi prisoners as the authorities systematically violate the basic human rights of prisoners and if Ahwazi prisoner suffers from health instability, prison officials prevents them from receiving sufficient treatment”.
He added, “ Iranian authorities violates human rights of prisoners, especially Ahwazi poisoners, where trails held by Iranian authorities do not meet international human rights standards and based on international statistics, Iran is most human rights violator country.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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