Iranian brutal torture of Ahwazi detainees forced some of them to commit suicide

A number of Ahwazi people who were recently released from Iranian occupation prisons revealed that they were subjected to severe barbaric torture despite being arrested “by mistake” when they passed from close to the scene of the protests in mid-November 2019.

Those who were released confirmed that they had been subjected to horrific physical and psychological torture, which had left very serious psychological effects on them and that they excluded the possibility of them recovering from these negative effects and returning to their normal lives again.

Some people talked about their blindfolds throughout their detention and being thrown into a room crowded with detainees, all of whom were standing because there was no room to sit.

The detainees revealed that they were severely beaten, especially on the thighs, feet and back, with batons, pipes and wires.

They detainees stated that they used to receive one meal per day and sometimes an additional meal in exchange for bribes paid by their families to the prison’s officials.

One of the released detainee, is a simple construction worker and not been engaged to any sort of  politics and unaware of the reason for his arrest, stated that the Iranian intelligence ministry informed him that he had been arrested because of his contact with his cousin who lives outside Iran, and he says that his family paid the amount of about hundred million Rials (Iranian) bribe to some IRGC men to inform them about his place of detention.

He said that he only slept for two or three hours a day in a detention cell that was abnormally illuminated and he was unable to go to sleep because of the intensity of the light, adding that these lights were extinguished for two or three hours during 24 hours. When I sleep during that off lit hours, I would wake up by pouring very hot water that been done by prison’s officials.

Qasim Bawi

In the context, Ahwazi activists reported the suicide of a Ahwazi citizen named Qasim  Bawi son of Fraih, 45 years old, from the village of Abu Debs, 15 km from the Ahwaz capital, by shooting himself days after his release, as he suffered severe psychological disturbances after his arrest during the peaceful demonstrations and his torture in an Iranian occupation intelligence centre.

Another similar incident is happened with Mr. Ali Neykesh (profile picture) , in his thirties , from Falahieyh (Shadegan Persian name), married and has three children commit suicide as he suffered severe psychological and physical disturbances after his arrest during the peaceful demonstrations and his torture in an Iranian occupation intelligence centre.

It is worth to mention that during the mid-November 2019 protests more than 2,500 Ahwazi citizens were arrested and held in the prisons of the Revolutionary Guards security centres or the Ministry of Intelligence, and their fate remains unknown up to writing of this report.

Also nearly 100 Ahwazi demonstrators were shot dead by the Iranian security service and Revolutionary Guards during the mid-November’s protests.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights 

Ali Bouazar


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