Iran Regime Detained more than 550 Ahwazis, Tortured Them in Prison

Iran Regime Detained more than 550 Ahwazis, Tortured Them in Prison

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


According to the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR), in the recent Ahwaz protests

about 550 Ahwazi Arabs are detained and subjected to severe physical and psychological torture in secret Iranian intelligence cells.


According to ACHR, among the detainees are women, men and even young adults between the ages of 15 and 25. ACHR has confirmed the number of the women detainees, there are 6 Ahwazi Arab women are imprisoned by the Iranian intelligence services;

  1. Khadijeh Neisi
  2. Aisha Neisi 19 university student
  3. Khalidiyah Tarfi
  4. Laila Barwaya
  5. Izzat Kaabi
  6. Nadia Mohammadi Pour (Hamidi).


Our sources reported cases of torture against activists and a retired teacher Saeed Fakhr-Nasab. Fakhr was release on bail for amount of 5 billion Iranian rials (equivalent to 80 thousand US dollars) after deterioration of his health eventually he ended up in a hospital receiving treatment in an intensive care room of Baqa’i Military Hospital in Ahwaz.

Saeed Fakhr, a cultural activist in Ahwaz was arrested without an arrest warrant from his house in the neighborhood of Kampolo by the Iranian intelligence services.


Sajad Ziab Sawari from Alawi district also were arrested and subjected to severe torture by the intelligence headquarters Abu Fazlel Abbas Revolutionary Guard. On the 5th of April a number of Sajad’s ribs were broken due to beatings and torture.


The Authorities were also released an Ahwazi disabled Saeed Nemati, who was arrested in the demonstrations in Ahwaz who is suffers from Deaf and witnessed the effects of torture on his body after his release.

The Arab MP in the Iranian parliament Jawad Al-Baji, has confirmed in a statement to the newspaper, “Etemaad” “Iranian security authorities arrested 150 demonstrators in the city of Ahwaz alone”.


Al-Baji called for the immediate release of all detainees, stressing that the protests were peaceful, civilian, and there was no justification for the arrest campaigns.


Since the first days of the protests, the security forces transferred about 250 detainees to Shyban prison and put them in a special section separated from the rest of the prisoners and prevented them from contacting their relatives or legal representation.


The Arabs of Ahwaz began their demonstrations on 28 March last and lasted about ten days in protest against the broadcast of a television program from Channel 2 official, which they deny the identity and presence of Ahwaz Arabs in their territory.


As a result of the government’s failure to respond to the demands of the protesters to provide an official apology to Ahwazi Arabs, the Ahwazi demonstrations turned into continuous protest marches against all discriminatory policies of the Iranian regime against the Arabs of Ahwaz and demographic change projects for the region in favor of immigrants, poverty, deprivation, unemployment and marginalization of Arabs in order to convert them from majority to minority in their historical land.


Here are some of the detainees;


  1. Falah Khazal Mousawi
  2. Meysam Alwani
  3. Mohammad Bayanat Bani-Sakineh
  4. Sajad Sawari
  5. Abdul-Reza Doraghi
  6. Nader Al-Boghobeish
  7. Basem Sawari
  8. Sadegh Sawari
  9. Nejim Sawari
  10. Abbas Faisal Al-Herizawi
  11. Menan Al-Sawari
  12. Yaghoub Al-Saghry
  13. Mohammad Razi Al-Zerghani
  14. Abdullah Taher Hafiz Al-Zerghani
  15. Mohammad Alaboudi
  16. Majed Hamid Al-Sawari
  17. Majed Karim Zehiri
  18. Khaled Al-Neisi
  19. Ali Obeidawi son of Taleb
  20. Ali Obeidawi son of Warwar
  21. Saeed Sawari
  22. Ms Khalidieh Torfi
  23. Ali Abiaat
  24. Mostafa Sawari
  25. Shahab Naami from Zooeah, Ahwaz
  26. Hassan Kanani from Zooeah, Ahwaz
  27. Salah Baghlani from Abadan city
  28. Ali Baghlani from Abadan
  29. Sajad Jamaee from Kout Abdullah, Ahwaz
  30. Mohammad Fatlawi from Kout Abdullah, Ahwaz
  31. Fuad Al-hardani
  32. Jamal Al-hardani
  33. Fazel Al-bosabih
  34. Hossein Albosabih
  35. Ebrahim Al-bu-Ali
  36. Fazel Awady
  37. Mohammad Al-bughobish
  38. Satar Albosabih
  39. Piruz Albosabih
  40. Hamid Al-bughobish
  41. Reza Albughobish
  42. Mehdi Albughobish
  43. Ali Khasraji
  44. Zamel Lowami from Shyban
  45. Hafez Abudi from Sheyban
  46. Adnan Bayanat
  47. Jomeh Sawari
  48. Sewri Sawari
  49. Kazem Terfi
  50. Seyyed Hassan Fazeli
  51. Fuad Badwi
  52. Sajed Alkasir
  53. Hassan Alkasir
  54. Mohammad Khanifer
  55. Saeed Mansouri
  56. Habib Chenani
  57. Jasem Hamedani
  58. Mehdi Taemi
  59. Jaseb Hamedani
  60. Khaled Mahawi
  61. Mahmood Mahawi
  62. Mahmood Baitsayah
  63. Aeesheh Neisi
  64. Khadijeh Neisi
  65. Wasam Sawari
  66. Mansour Tamimi
  67. Adnan Khasraji
  68. Salman Abyat
  69. Abbdallah Souri
  70. Ayoub Zeheiri
  71. Khaledieh Tarfi
  72. Saad Nawaseri
  73. Mohammad Hezbian
  74. Mohammad Jelil Kenon
  75. Assad Nawaseri
  76. Mohammad Fetlawi
  77. Ali Baghlani
  78. Ali Jenadeleh
  79. Ali Abiyat
  80. Seyed Falah Mousawi
  81. Ashour Sawari
  82. Aref Sawari
  83. Ali Sewaedi
  84. Mahmood Sewaedi
  85. Majed Sewaedi
  86. Abbas Sewaedi
  87. Ali Dahemi
  88. Jamil Dahemi
  89. Samat Dahemi
  90. Jasem Alwani
  91. Ali Alwani
  92. Seyed Adel Mousawi
  93. Majid Neisi
  94. Jawad Neisi
  95. Jasem Sawari
  96. Seyed Reza Mousawi
  97. Ali Badawi
  98. Abbas Silawi
  99. Hossein Khasreji
  100. Mohammad Hayawi
  101. Reza Zeweidat
  102. Meysam Khasraji
  103. Jawad Koroushawi
  104. Hossein Neisi
  105. Musa Khaledi
  106. Naser Mazrae
  107. Hadi Jalali
  108. Hossein Astedadi (Saedawi)
  109. Tofigh Falahyeh
  110. Khaled Torfi
  111. Hamid Haideri
  112. Saeedi Salemi
  113. Amir Bawi
  114. Abbas Manabi
  115. Ahmed Hameidawi
  116. Ahmed Haideri
  117. Ghasem Dahemi
  118. Ahmed Abeidawi
  119. Mustafa Abeyat
  120. Abbas Saeedi
  121. Jemal Nezal Abeyat
  122. Abbas Nezal Abeyat
  123. Morteza Mansouri
  124. Leila Borwayeh
  125. Hadi Afrawi
  126. Rasoul Betrani
  127. Sadegh Betrani
  128. Ali Haideri
  129. Abbas Haideri
  130. Nouh Betrani
  131. Ali Sawari
  132. Rezagh Sawari
  133. Sertib Sawari
  134. Milad Sawari
  135. Mohammad Hamadi
  136. Habesh Sawari
  137. Hassan Bouazar
  138. Abdallah Zergani
  139. Hossein Bawi
  140. Abdallah Bawi
  141. Yousef Zergani
  142. Welid Sawari
  143. Ali Mohammad Pour
  144. Reza Fereisat
  145. Ferid Naseri
  146. Hadi Jalali
  147. Alireza Sharifi
  148. Abbas Abeyat
  149. Seyed Salah Taleghani
  150. Sadegh Faradi Pour
  151. Salah Mazraeh
  152. Hamid Sawari
  153. Ali Soleimani
  154. Teimour Zakeri
  155. Mustafa Naseri
  156. Hossein Naseri
  157. Mohammad abu-Alfathi
  158. Aghil Alwani Zadeh
  159. Musa Sawari
  160. Alireza Morabi
  161. Hafez Abed-Kanani
  162. Saeed Nemati
  163. Shaekh Faez Mandaei (Sabei)
  164. Mehdi Abeyat
  165. Adel Hamodi
  166. Abbas Houwizawi
  167. Mustafa Hosssein Sawari
  168. Zamel Haideri
  169. Hossein Atabi
  170. Nahi Sharifi
  171. Jamal Sharifi
  172. Sajad Zeheiri
  173. Naji Zeheiri
  174. Hossein Manbohi
  175. Majed Sawari
  176. Seyed Reihan Mousawi
  177. Masoud Naseri
  178. Mahmood albu-Hamdi
  179. Mehdi Haideri
  180. Abbas (Masoud) Hardani
  181. Saeed Fakher Naseb
  182. Azrat Kabi
  183. Nadia Mahmoodi Pour (Hamdi)
  184. Ali Sawari
  185. Jasem Sawari
  186. Khazal Sharifi
  187. Amad Sawari
  188. Welid Sharifi
  189. Jalil Hawai
  190. Welid Bawi
  191. Morteza Sharifi
  192. Adnan Khasreji
  193. Aghil Alwani
  194. Abbas Hajati
  195. Mehdi Maeini
  196. Mustafa Zaker
  197. Ghasem Sawari
  198. Abed al-Reza Asfendi
  199. Shaker Berwayeh
  200. Mehdi Ghafeli
  201. Kheir-Allah al-Aeidi
  202. Seyed Morteza Mousawi
  203. Basem Mehdi Aelogi
  204. Majid Berwayeh
  205. Ayoub Sharifi
  206. Ali Gherbawi
  207. Jamil Ghereibawi
  208. Reza Abeidawi
  209. Mahmood Bendawi
  210. Basem Bendawi
  211. Sejad Derisi
  212. Amad Khesreji
  213. Aref Sawari
  214. Maki Silawi
  215. Hafez Hezbawi
  216. Hamed Khasreji
  217. Khazel Sawari


ACHR urges all humanitarian organizations to act now on crimes against Ahwazi Arabs.


Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

Written by Ali Bouazar

Date: 02/05/2018

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