Dehkhoda sugarcane factory steals Ahwazi farming water

In an unprecedented step and in order to impoverish more Ahwazi farmers, a sugar cane company named as Dehkhoda Company has set up an illegal dam on the Dez River to steal the water of this river, which were allocated to Ahwazi farmers in the city of Quneitra (Dezfol in Persian) north of Ahwaz capital.

According to the video that were sent by Ahwazi environmental activists and Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has received a copy of it, clearly shows that, the water is being stolen by dropping construction waste to create a barrier in the river to get more water for sugar cane factory, while Arab farmers are deprived of agriculture under pretext of “water shortages”, especially in the summer.

Meanwhile, Mirza Kuchak Khan, a Sugarcane company that carried out the same operation as Dehkhoda company by dumping the waste in the river, and in order the issue not to be publicize through media, the Iranian authorities has immediately followed up the matter, and Mirza Kuchak Khan company collected partially the pipes and tanks that were laid down in the river. As a disastrous consequence, dumping rubbish in the Ahwazi rivers, caused environmental pollution, led to drying the marshes and destroying the agricultural sector in Ahwaz.

It’s worth to mention that the Ahwazi rivers drying and polluting led to the spread of the various types of cancer, the increase in the proportion of birth defects in recent years, as well as the large number of skin and respiratory diseases, and serious diseases such as kidney failure and intestinal diseases.

The ACHR preparing a report about the Ahwazi rivers and number of dams and tunnels constructed on them in order to divert the Ahwazi water to Iranian desert provinces such as Kerman, Qom, etc.

To watch the video of stealing Ahwazi farmers water by Dehkhoda company please click HERE

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


By Ali Bouazar

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