Bloody clashes between Ahwazi protestors and Persian occupation forces

The Ahwazi cities’ Mohammareh (Khorramshahr) and Abadan has witnesses peaceful mass demonstration that been started from Abadan city on 18thof June 2018 and continued to spread out to other Ahwazi cities such as Mohammareh city.

The protest started where Ahwazi people in the cities of Abadan and Mohammareh were suffering from lack of drinking water as well as high level of salt present in drinking water and also the high level of unemployment and disastrous and systematic policies that are leading to Ahwazi youth impoverishment in mentioned cities.

The demonstration has begun peacefully specially in Mohammareh city since Monday 25thof June 2018 and although there was meddling from Mohammareh’s governor Mr. Hayati but the Ahwazi demonstrators has refused his presence among demonstrators calling for his resignation from the office.

The demonstration has entered the blood stage after Iranian criminal regime has deployed and summoned large number of IRGC and Basij forces from neighbouring cities to crack down the demonstration on Saturday 30thof June 2018.

The Iranian regime’s security officers have brutally attacked Mohammareh peaceful protestors, firing live ammunition and tear gas towards Ahwazi unarmed protestors to quell the protests before its extended to other Ahwazi cities.

The life in the Mohammareh city has turned into nightmare after reports quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights that seven Ahwazi protestors has died and dozens arrested left demonstrators with no answer for their demands.

The Ahwazi activists told the Centre that the demonstrations are ongoing in the cities of Abadan and Mohammareh in Ahwaz, in protest against the scarcity of drinking water and the decline in public services indicate “the breaking of the barrier of fear in the face of security repression.

activists added: “The situation reached an intolerable level, so the demonstrations and protests continue and move from place to another place.”

the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has documented the following videos from Mohammareh and Abadan demonstrations and protest:















Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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