An Ahwazi Arab exiled to Rajai Shahr prison

Hamzeh Lafteh Sari an Ahwazi Arab prisoner has been exiled from Ahwazi Karoon prison to the notorious north Iran located Rajai Shahr prison.

Reliable resources quoted that Mr. Hamzeh Lafteh been exiled to Rajai Shahr prison on mid August 2014 and that after spending eight years prisons in Karoon prison.

Mr. Hamzeh along with his two brothers Mohammad Ali and Ja’afer been arrested by Iranian regime on 2005 and sentenced to death by branch 3 of Iranian revolutionary court with Sha’abani’s judgment on 2006.
Hamzeh brothers, martyrs Mohammad Ali and Ja’afer were executed and Hamzeh’s rule reduced from death to life imprisonment on 2007.
Hamzeh is a resident of Ahwaz capital, and his arrest coincided with his success in the College of Education branch of the English language.
Meanwhile Hamzeh suffers from renal inflammation and did not receive the necessary treatment so far.
Prior to his exile Hamzeh was teaching the Arabic and English language and Wortel Quran and Tajweed to Ahwazi Arab prisoners in Karoon prison.
In recent days, Human Rights Watch urge Iranian Authorities to release all prisoners of Rajai Shahr prison due to prisoner’s trial did not meet international standards.


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