Ahwazi MP holds sit-in to protest water crisis in Alahwaz

Ahwazi MP Majid Nasseri Nejad held a sit-in protest in the Khuzestan province governor’s office to raise awareness of what he called the “water crisis” in his constituency. 

Interviewed by Sobhaneh news agency, the MP, representing the  city of Falahiyeh (known as Shadegan to Persians), sharply condemned the regime’s failure to address the various serious crises facing Ahwazi peoples,  contrasting this with the extensive coverage in state media of last week’s massive fire at the Ma’shour petrochemical complex, which saw the regime’s energy minister  Zanghaneh personally attend the scene of the blaze, which was contained within 48 hours.

The MP added that while the country’s agricultural sector is a national asset which should receive every form of official support,  one third of the palm trees in Khuzestan (the Iranian name for Al-Ahwaz province) are at critical risk of extinction if urgent measures aren’t taken to rescue them.

On a related issue, Nasseri noted that Falahiyeh  has insufficient water  supplies to sustain agriculture, with farmers losing their sole source of income.   He further stressed that the shortage of drinking water in the area is so severe that most residents are considering abandoning the area to migrate elsewhere since they feel they have little left to lose by doing so.falahiyeh MP-2

The MP asserted that without an adequate solution to resolve his consituents’ water problems and an end to the regime’s environmentally devastating practices of damming and rerouting rivers and waterways from Ahwaz to other provinces, he will be left with no option but to continue his sit-in demonstration in protest at the current situation.


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