Ahwazi farmers protest against the Iranian decision to prevent them from rice cultivation

Dozens of Ahwazis protested on Thursday, May 17, 2018, against the allocation of the remainder water of the Karoon River to sugar cane plantations.

According to Ahwazi local sources, dozens of Ahwazi farmers gathered on Thursday to protest against the decision of the Persian state to transfer the remaining water of the Karoon River to sugar cane settlement project.

This policy by the Iranian regime increases the unemployment, poverty and poor living conditions of Arabs, where most farmers are forced to migrate and live on the outskirts of cities.

The Ahwazi farmers staged a three-day protest rally to protest against the government’s decision to ban farmers from growing rice in front of governor headquarters in the city of Al-Ahwaz. However, the occupation officials did not respond to the demands of the farmers.

“The rice that could be planted in the north of the country is enough for the entire country and there is no need to grow rice in the south due to the water shortage of the Ahwazi rivers,” Deputy Agriculture Minister Ali Murad Akbari said.

Rice farming is considered one of the most important agricultural crops in the summer. However, for several years, the Persian government has prevented Ahwazi farmers from growing rice due to the water transfer from the Ahwazi River to the central Persian cities.

Written by: Ali Bouazar

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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