Ahwazi civil rights prisoner in danger of losing his sight due to lack of treatment in prison

A prominent Ahwazi Arab poet and political prisoner imprisoned in an Iranian regime prison is reportedly in danger of losing his eyesight completely due to the brutal torture inflicted on him by prison guards,in addition to the lack of any medical care and atrocious conditions in the prison. 

According to credible human rights campaigners in Ahwaz, Ahmad Dabbat, who was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment by an infamous regime judge in 2011 over writing poetry in support of freedom  is one of many Ahwazi intellectual and political prisoners exiled  by the regime to prisons  across Iran far away from the Arab region in the southwest; this policy is part of an effort by the regime to further punish Ahwazi activists by separating  them from their families and friends, as well as to prevent any coordination and to discourage other Ahwazis from activism or protest against the regime.  Many have been exiled to Karaj, Ardebil, Kerman and other prisons across the country, with no news of their status available.

During Dabbat’s incarceration in the infamous regime prisons in the cities of Dezful and Yazd, the activists explained, his vision began to seriously deteriorate due to repeated torture worsened by severe malnutrition and grotesquely unsanitary conditions in the prisons.   His family repeatedly contacted prison authorities and regime officials to plead for him to receive medical help, with the prison officials eventually relenting and allowing a doctor to examine him; the medic reportedly confirmed that he is in imminent danger of going blind as a result of the torture, malnutrition, and lack of care.

Ahmad Dabbat, who is married with a young daughter, is from the town of Susa(Shoosh) in the north of the Ahwaz region. He was expelled in 2009 from the  Payam Noor University in the city of Dezful where he was studying Arabic Literature, on the orders of the regime’s infamous Ministry Intelligence due to writing widely praised poetry protesting at the human rights abuses perpetrated against Arabs by the regime. In 2011, he was arrested by intelligence agents in Susa, who inflicted brutal torture on him to force him into making very obviously coerced ‘confessions’ that were broadcast on the regime’s Press TV channel, admitting to ‘acting against Iranian national security’ and ‘producing propaganda’ through writing poetry condemning the regime.  Amongst the litany of torture which the regime intelligence personnel subjected him to in order to force him into making these ludicrous ‘confessions’, they burnt him on various parts of his body,  pulled his fingernails out with pliers, and smashed a number of his teeth.

Ahmad was subsequently sentenced to 22 years imprisonment on the fabricated charges by a notoriously sadistic judge, nicknamed ‘Andi’, in the ‘Revolutionary Court’ in the city of Dezful.In the years since his imprisonment, the  torture,  abuse, stress and pain, along with long periods of solitary confinement in intolerable conditions,  have led to a steep deterioration in his mental, as well as his physical health, with his family and human rights campaigners deeply alarmed at the prospect of the further damage which blindness could inflict on his already fragile mental condition.


Source: Rahim Hamid, Share: aLiBz

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