Ahwazi arrests intensifies in April

According to Ahwazi human right campaigners, in recent days several Ahwazi Arab activists has been arrested and sent to jail.
On April 18, 2014 six Ahwazi Arab from Khafajiyeh city have been arrested by Iranian security services and taken to unknown place.

The detainee’s families are still unaware of their sons arrest place and to which prison has been sent.
The detainees are as follow:
1) Mohammad Saeidi
2) Kazem Bawi
3) Nasser Bawi
4) Jawad Sayahi
5) Ibarhim Bawi
6) Mousa Sharifi
On April 20, 2014 one of the Revolutionary Guard branch called as Karun military operations has raided Ahwazi Arab activists homes in Kut Abdullah and Akhar Asphalt and arrested them.
The detainees have been charged with “Propaganda activity against regime “ where in accordance with materials 10 and 500 of the Iranian penal law, they have been sentenced to one-year imprisonment.
The detainees are:
1) Sayed Ahmad Nezari son of Sayed Razi and 36 years old.
2) Hamid Khanfari resident of Kut Abdullah.
3) Ghazi Handali resident of Kut Abdullah and 40 years old.
4) Jamal Hazbawi resident of Kut Abdullah.
5) Sayed Ahmad Nezari son of Sayed Hamid and 65 years old.
Also On April 21, 2014 the Iranian court had issue an unfair prison sentences against five Ahwazi citizens of the Sus (Shush) city.
Ahwazi Arab detainees have been sentenced to six-month imprisonment and they are as follow:
1) Habib Silahou
2) Habib Jayan
3) Hossein Chebyshat
4) Karim Jayan
5) Salah Aldin Chebyshat (son of Ali Chebyshat who is being sentenced to death)
The Iranian security forces in a frenzied raid have arrested these Ahwazi Arabs, where a large number of Kaab Moslem village’s youth were among them.


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