88 names of Ahwazi prisoners arrested in mid-November by Iranian occupation regime

Here are some Ahwazi citizen names who got arrested in the mid November 2019 demonstrations: 

Hundreds of Ahwazi citizens have been arrested in the recent demonstration, and the number of detainees are increasing . 

According to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) sources ,There were buses carrying a large number of Ahwazi detainees to other cities.

According to reliable source quoted that the Iranian occupation regime, has reopened again the Karoon prison, which has been closed in the past and there are some secret detention centres for detainees located in Ramhormoz_Ahwaz capital highway and next to Montazerane Shahadat Golf Centre (in Modares Boulevard) 

Eyewitnesses stated to ACHR that a new prison has opened near El_Haiei town ( 35KM away from Ahwaz capital) since the number of detainees is large (bulky) in term quantity and Fajr prison (Reformation and Rehabilitation centre) was used for teenagers who were got arrested.

People who were released were talking to ACHR about torturing and inadequate jails spaces for detainees ,They also said that prisoners are suffering from torture and its aftermath marksstill shown in their skin.

The responsible departments for the wide arrests are “Imam Ali” and “Aboul-Fazal Al-Abbas” centre which are important suppressing arms of the IRGC in Ahwaz region and detainees ages range are between 18 and 25 years, most of them were hit with live bullets or tear gas and treatment was not allowed for them.

Therefore the ACHR have received some names of Ahwazi detainees from its reliable sources that are as follows:

Abadan city:

1- Atef Niesi ,28 years old has been arrested by intelligence service.

Maashour city:

2-Nader Al-Bousobaieh 34 years ,married and father of a young girl ,has been arrested at midnight during the demonstrations and transferred to unknown place.

3-Majed Albou-Ebadi( Father’s name, Redha) from Al-Kora region 

4-Hamid Baldi (Father’s name, Esiwoud) from Khour Mosa seaport city also arrested by IRGC.

Al-Mohammareh (Khorramshahr Persian name) :

5-Maitham Adgi 

6-Foad Batrani 34 years old 

7-Emad Batrani 28 years old

8- Amir Baghlani 

9-Salem Baghlani 

Al-Falahiea (Shadegan Persian name)

10-Hussain Khanafera 

11-Abbas Kaabi

12-Muhsen Khanafera

13-Muslim Shawerdi 

14-Mustafa Moghadam 

15-Anwar Matrudi

16-Yaaghub Matrudi 

17-Saaid Al-Boughubaish 

18-Jawad Khudherawi

19-Redha Zahedi

20-Saaid Jenami 

21-Abdullah Asakerah 

22-Milad Bahri

23-Maitham Niesi

24-Maitham Khanafera 

25-Ali Matrudi

26-Majed Shawerdi

27- Hashem Al-Nasser

29- Abdullah Yamasi

Bawi City:

30- Eissa Asakera 

31-Ali Nasei

32-Majid Neseri

33- Jalil Naseri 

34-Ferhad Hazbawi 

35-Mahdi Zergani 

36-Hadi Zergani

37-Khalil Zergani

38- Hussain Mujadam

39-Ali Maawi 

40- Farid Marani 

41-Jalil Zohairi

42-Ferhad Zohairi

Ahwaz capital:

43- Hussain Helichi 

44-Abbas Muslimi 

45-Muhammad Ali Al-Boughobaish 

46- Leyla Shawerdi 

47-Fadhel Zergani

48-Hussain Zergani 

49-Eissa Sheniew 

50-Nasser Zergani

51-Bagher Niesi

52-Saber Zergani

53-Mansour Masihi

54-Majed Rafiei

55-Mohammad Ali Zergani

56-Naiem Zergani

57-Jamal Zergani

58-Hamed Mahamid 

59-A young Man , Ali Ghezi

60-Majed Ghezi

61-Kheyr-Allah Sawari 

62- Walid Sawari

63- Ali Zohairi 

64- Ali Kaab Umair

65- Hatam Mujadam

66-Mahdi Mujadam 

67-Hussain Mujadam 

68-Amin Shorfi

69-Karim Niesi 

70- Ahmad Ghawabesh 

71- Tofigh Kanjari

72- Muhammad Askari

73-Hussain Suwidi 

74- Karim Umrani

Tostar (Shushtar Persian name): 

75-Jamal Kaabi

76-Ammar Zughbi

77-Mahdi Ughbi

78-Yas Sulaimani

79-Ali Sulaimani

80-Adel Kaabi 

81-Milad Sulaimani 

82-Ali Kaabi

83-Uddai Kaabi 

84-Mahmoud Kaabi 

85-Ghasem Zoghbi

86-Aref Delphi 

87-Abbas Kaabi 

88-Redha Delphi

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights 


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