350 poisoned in Iran’s Ahwaz

Some 350 people have been poisoned after drinking contaminated water in the Iranian province of Khuzestan, Director of Health Shukrullah Salman Zadeh said.

Salman Zadeh told the IRNA news agency that the people were trying to find alternative water supplies as a result.

Member of the Iranian Shura Council for Ahwaz, Jawad Kazim Neseb warned that the continuation of the water crisis in the province of Khuzestan will turn into a security problem.

Speaking before the Shura Council, Neseb said the temperature in the region is about 55 degrees Celsius, and residents are unable to meet their water needs.

He added that the cities of Muhammarah, which Iranian authorities call Khorramshahr, and Abadan suffer from poor urban planning and incomplete restoration work, in addition to unemployment, and that these problems are likely to turn into a security concern.

On Saturday, the head of the Emergency Medical Incidents Management Centre in Khuzestan, Shahyar Mirkheshti, said as many as 65 people had been hospitalised as a result of poisoning.

Several areas in Iran, including Khuzestan province, suffer from water crises due to the ongoing drought caused by a lack of rainfall.

By Rahim Hamid


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