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Iranian Regime Must Release Ahwazi Prisoners

Iranian Regime Must Release Ahwazi Prisoners Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights   According to our sources in Al-Ahwaz, the families of Ahwazi prisoners Qasem Mohammad-Poor (Sawari) are demanding the Iranian regime to reveal the fate of their son and release ...

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Ahwazi Sugarcane Workers Face Regime Penalties for Strike Action at Slave Labour Conditions

While protests continue to grow across the Arab Ahwazi region of Iran against the Iranian regime’s virulent anti-Arab racism and oppression, Arab workers at regime-owned sugarcane plantations and processing plants have been imprisoned for holding a demonstration to protest against ...

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Arrest and worst condition of Ahwazi prisoners

Iranian intelligence service has arrested an Ahwazi young and took him to unknown location on 1st of February 2018. Mr. Qasem Haidari with age of 30, from “Sayahi” neighbourhood of Ahwaz capital been kidnapped by security service in the first ...

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Another Deadly Sandstorm – Government Mismanagement led to Rivers and Wetlands Drying up

The Al-Ahwaz region is ravaged by a serious of heavy and deadly sandstorms covered all Al-Ahwaz region with deadly sandstorm which left 5 people dead and thousands in hospitals. Ahwaz’s dust level is 120 times the safety limit set by ...

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