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احتجاجات الأحوازيين ضد طهران مستمرة

تحت شعار هيهات منا الذلة تستمر التظاهرات في يومها الخامس في مدن عدة في محافظة الأحواز بينها الفلاحية والأحواز.. حيث احتشد المواطنون أمام مبنى المحافظة في الأحواز ..احتجاجا على الوضع المأساوي لتلوث الهواء والانقطاع المتكرر للماء والكهرباء . النظام من ...

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Outrage over brutal assaults on Ahwazi women protesting against regime land theft

Iranian regime security forces brutally assaulted defenseless Ahwazi Arab women protesting against the regime’s illegitimate confiscation of their families’ farmlands earlier this week, arresting many of the women whose only ‘crime’ was to demand justice.  The regime military personnel reportedly ...

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Kermanshahian Man After Iran Iraq earthquake

After Iran-Iraq earthquake where many people died, This man says no aid has been received from the Iranian regime. at least help us as much as you are helping Syria and Lebanon, he said.  

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Iranian regime thugs assault, humiliate Ahwazi Arab civilians

Ahwazi Arab activists have released this footage uploaded to social media by Iranian regime troops which shows Iranian security forces physically and verbally assaulting Ahwazi civilians who have been forced to face a wall, punching, slapping and kicking the unarmed ...

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Supreme hypocrisy from Iran’s Supreme Leader over eradication of native languages

In this video footage, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei strongly condemns the British empire for its eradication of native language particularly in India, deliberately “forgetting” the Iranian regime’s own domestic ban on the public speaking  or teaching of the ...

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Ahwazi protester voices rage, despair at Iranian regime’s environmentally devastating policies

This footage shows Ahwazi Arab activists who gathered for a demonstration on the bank of the Karoon River, one of the main waterways in the region, to protest at the devastating effects of the Iranian regime’s systematic diversion of its ...

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